Because in the end, you won't remember the time you spent in the office or moving your lawn. Climb that dam mountain.—
"Jack Kerouac".

Sitting at mile 100 in the middle of the desert, its February, sun is going down, radio is not working, no more race cars on the track because the race is almost over. You and your co-pilot are under the truck laying in the dirt and bushes trying to figure out how to reassemble the front a-arm so you can limp back to some type of civilization to get a tow, food and a cell phone that is charged to call your team to pick you up. Its been 4 hours of working on the truck, at first it was funny, then reality sets in. The months and months of prep work, running the course, prepping the gear, team, oil changes on the chase trucks, endless money was spent with the prep shop @chrisallen and you are laughing because you only made it to mile 100. The shit, I can’t believe we didn’t finish this race, we were running podium status and now loner status. There goes $100,000 for nothing.