Our history

About Us.

Bringing back the 80s in Racing.

Do you remember when racing was pure fun, a family affair and not ruled by social media likes and sponsor obligations?

We do and our love with the cult movie “Rad” led to the livery we are sporting on our entire team´s fleet of vehicles.
Of course competitive racing is not possible without a good team and the invaluable support of sponsors but working very closely together we are trying to make it a fun and memorable experience for us, our sponsors and of course you, our fans and spectators.
We hope you will enjoy what we are doing and hopefully you come by our pits our races to say hi, and for all of you, who still have some real 80´s gear/clothing, please wear it when you come, because we´ll have a special giveaway ready if you do!

The nation’s largest statewide car nonprofit throughout the state.

With a mission to improve lives through car racing, we teach the joys of car racing, advocate for safe places to ride, and produce world-class rides and events.


Team Real Racing was born out of a dream and Michaels passion for racing.
Team Real Racing and all it´s team members bear a special responsibility
Plain and simple. Of course there is the dream of one day compete in the Dakar


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