Casey Petersen.

Casey Petersen

My name is Casey Petersen and I’m a Desert Enthusiast. 

Since I was five, l’ve been on a bike and have always had a love for motorcycles.


Instead of hanging out with friends or playing sports in high school, I rushed home to hop on my bike and ride in the field by my parents house. 

We were an avid Glamis family and I get my need for speed from my mother. 

I started racing District 37 when I was 19, consistently for 2 years, then life took over where I began my career in renewable energy. 

I reignited my racing adventures towards the end of 2019. 

I went from Novice to Expert and received the #1 intermediate plate and #2 Expert plate for the 2020 season. 

January 2021 I was in a horrible car accident and broke 20 bones throughout my body including my skull, leaving me deaf in my right ear. 

Recovering and turning 30, I continued my passion of racing. Of the eleven races I entered in 2023, I finished first in seven of them, 1 second place, 2 third places, and 1 DNF.

From there I decided to enter into a new scenery, outside of District 37 where I entered into Legacy and met with Team Real Racing. The community and whole hearted warmth from the team cannot be experienced anywhere else. You can’t teach experience, and you can’t remove the love for the sport from any of us, this is why we race Man and Machine against the Desert.