Matt Medina.

Born and raised in San Diego, and very fortunate to live in the house that I grew up in where I fell in love with racing as a kid.
We had a cool neighbor that raced a Porsche 944 turbo and had a Honda dirt bike. I was just a nosy kid next-door that came by to watch the cool stuff going on and play with the dogs in the front yard if I wasn’t surfing They unfortunately moved away and I went on to doing what other surfer kid would do in San Diego and got a job at a surf shop and the hospitality industry.
Once again, I had another neat opportunity of falling into a dream job of getting into vintage road racing and hospitality and at the same time I also found a way to get into the volunteer program for the BFG pit operations in Baja, California.
After a few years of volunteering, this led to a contracting job because I also opened up my vintage Race shop to do hospitality and raise support in the private industry.
I’ve now been involved with the BFG program for 17 years and Michigan is also involved with BFGoodrich since they own them and I’ve had the opportunity to participate in the Daytona 24 hours, made a very neat trip France & the 24 hours of Le Mans.
I participated in the Lucas Series for a few years as well with BFG Grove and Tires so I’m looking forward to helping Team Real Racing with the tire selection, the grooving patterns from my aforementioned experience with BFG and of course navigating for Michael Scafuto in his 1450 and Unlimited Trophy Truck.
Over the 17 years of the BFG pit program I now have assembled a crew of 17 people to travel to whatever location we are assigned to for the SCORE races in Baja and that crew includes everyone from fabricators cooks, tire changers, communications, mechanics, a fuel team, and a pit boss, all working together to help someone else achieve their dream of finishing a race. That is pretty amazing in itself and difficult.