Michael Scafuto IV.

I am Michael Scafuto IV, I am 7 years old and I am racing in the JR1 Class in the Great American Shourt course Series.
My dad bought two JR1 carts from another team last year so that we can race, too.
My dad races a Pro Buggy and wants to race a real Trophy Truck this year.
He build a team (Team Real Racing) for our whole family to race in different races and be with him on those races.
This year is my first year racing and it is a lot of fun. My mom and dad are on the radio with us during the races and my dad tells me when to go faster and when someone is trying to pass me.
In my very first race (Great American Short Course – Round 2) I finished 3rd and got my first trophy! Thanks dad!
In our pit I am helping my dad and Matt work on our carts and can already change my tyres.
My sister and I will be racing at all the GAS races this year in our JR1 carts.
You can also follow us on Instagram (TeamRealRacing1) where you can find a lot more photos and videos and also learn more about my dad´s team.

Thank you.