Penelope Scafuto.

I am Penelope Scafuto, I am 9 years old and I am racing in the JR1 Class in the Great American Shourtcourse Series.
My dad bought two JR1 carts from another team last year so that we can race, too.
He is a very good racer and has raced for many years.
This year he build a team (Team Real Racing) for our whole family to race in different races and be with him on those races.
This year is my first year racing and I really like it. My mom and dad are on the radio with us during the races and I really like that. They help me a lot.
My seat was too low on the first day (Great American Short Course – Round 2) but my dad had an idea and quickly fixed that for the second race and I had a lot of fun racing against another girl in my class.
I hope you like this little card and maybe we meet on one of the next races.
My brother and I will be racing at all the GAS races this year in our JR1 carts.
You can also follow us on Instagram (TeamRealRacing1) where you can find a lot more photos and videos and also learn more about my dad´s team.

Thank you.