Robert W Kranz .

Robert W Kranz

My name is Robert W Kranz

I have worked as a professional photographer for 35 years now and have shot just about anything in my professional carreer, from daily news (working for germany´s oldest newspaper) to international politics, wars, action sports and reportages.


After working for SIPA Press, Press and Getty Images, covering daily news, fashion and for just over 8 years the wars in Liberia, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan and many more, I decided to create my own photoagency with a focus on providing in depth coverage of polo, offroad racing and sailing regattas around the globe.

My current online portfolio consists of more than 80.000 hi-res images and videos that I´ve produced.

My work, over the years, has been published in books, magazines and online publications, e.g. Cosmopolitan, Harpers Bazaar, Times, Newsweek, Daily Star (Lebanon) Defence Language Institute, DIA Country Guides, USMIL, Fisher Verlag, Focus, Fortune Records, Harbour Magazine, 4×4 Action, Off Road Magazine, Crwal Magazine, Jerusalem Post, Singer & Musician, Spiegel, UNEP (United Nations Enviroment Project), Die Welt, Trierischer Volksfreund, Die Welt, Zeit, Sail World, Seabreaze, LA Times, Le Figaro, and many more…

Apart from highest possible resolution photography (I shoot exclusively in RAW and on Nikon (48 Megapixel and Phase One (100 and 150 Megapixel) I offer social media services and print and layout services, with sofar the largest print being a full canvas for a semi trailer.