HomestoryThe Mint 400 (2023)

The Mint 400 (2023)

The Mint 400

March 11th, 2023

The Mint 400 – One of the most famous offroad races in the US and know for the challenges the course offers for men and machine every year.

It was to be our first desert race and thanks to our co-driver, Matt Medina, whom we met at the BFG Garage at King of the Hammers, we got a seasoned pit crew to support us at this race.

The 1450 Truck seemed ready as we’d only given it a brief checkup prior to coming to the race, but our pit crew got right at it.

The race was fun and we managed to get up to 6th position in class on our first lap and we were moving, getting more comfortable with the course and the truck, but halfway into Lap 3 disaster struck and we rolled to a stop at our remote pit with multiple cracks in the trucks frame and transmission mounts after we hit a big whoop section probably a bit too fast.

Now the truck definitely needs a full service and probably a rebuild, but we’ll see about that after Chris Allen had a look at it.

That’s racing!

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