HomestoryYEAH !! We got a Trophy Truck

YEAH !! We got a Trophy Truck

Trophy Truck Pick Up

March 6th, 2023

We did it! We found us a deal that we just couldn’t pass on.

It may not be the newest unlimited Trophy Truck around at the races this year, but with the help of Chris Allen (Allen Motorsports) and his prep shop we will get it up to speed for the upcoming Legacy Race Series.

So now we’ll be racing the Great American Shortcourse Series with Michael IV and Penelope in their JR1 Karts and Michael in his Pro Buggy.

The 1450 Truck will see it’s first full race at the upcoming Mint 400 and then we’ll take it up with the big boys at the Legacy Racing Baja Nevada in the unlimited Trophy Truck!

This is going to be fun!!!

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